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Francesca’s Collections

When it comes to affordable fashion, I always like to look beyond the popular retail chains that can be found in any mall in North America. I always love visiting little independent boutiques for special and affordable finds. Recently, I’ve been obsessed about “Desperate Housewives” type of fashion. Not as exciting as the styles of the Sex and the City gals but it has a charm of its own. I love the laid back look of Wisteria Lane is almost as exciting as the drama. I particularly like Susan and Bree’s way of dressing. Susan casual wardrobe suits her to a T and Bree is very classic when it comes to fashion.  Susans jeans and pretty tops look so amazing and Bree is just so polished. I can gush all day.

Ok, so I was having a Desperate Housewives moment and I wanted to find a women’s apparel website that could fill Susan and Bree’s wardrobe. I came upon Francesca’s Collections while browsing online. The fashion screams posh-stay-at-home-mum. Colourful women’s dresses, pretty tops, classic basics and fantastic accessories. And the best part? It is affordable. I am currently digging the Helen of Troy necklace and the Doctor Jazz Necklace. The items can be mixed and matched and are classic enough to tide you over for many, many seasons. I felt like a kid in a candy store. There’s a lot of stuff that I can mix with my everyday wardrobe. The accessories section is my absolute favourite. I want to buy everything!

helen of troy necklace francesca's collectionsHelen of Troy Necklace

Back to DW fashion. How to pull off an effortless Susan look? Clothes must be well fitting and have a college-esque feel to it. Susan always looks great in jeans and bright tops. Especially tanks. A blow-dried coif is a must. Her hair is always bouncy and spectacular and her makeup is natural. As for Bree, it is all about the classics. Think 50s style but with a modern take. Hair must be perfectly groomed, lipstick should be matte and clothes must be wrinkle free. Think pretty blouses and pencil skirts. Oh and don’t forget the pearls. They’re a Bree classic! Between the two, I prefer Bree’s style a bit more. She always looks so pulled together and her style suits the character.


Gemstones for DIY Jewelry

One way to get jewelry at a fraction of the price is to replicate the piece. Making your own jewelry will save you a good fraction of the cost of a ready made piece.  I personally love to make jewelry. I love visiting the bead places either in store or online. Every time I shop for beads I feel like a kid in a candy store. The pretty colours, textures and sizes tend to inspire the creativity in me. I love making necklaces, earrings and bracelets and the combination of looks that one can make with beads is endless. With the holidays coming up, making your own jewelry is one way that you can save money with gifts.

Visit to view a vast selection of precious and semi precious stones. They carry semi precious gemstone beads, fresh water pearls, vermeil beads, sterling silver beads, copper beads, two tone copper and sterling silver beads, sterling silver plated copper beads, 22 kt gold plated copper beads, brass findings and copper findings. Check out their wholesale beads and newest beads added page added to the site. that you can purchase if you are a designer or if you ever want to get into the jewelry business. The site offers a verified, safe and worry free transaction system.  Get free shipping within the US wih any orders over $100. Click on this link to view the

Beads JewelryPink Beads


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Ok so now we’re in the third and final part of the things that I covet for my future home.  I would like to live in along the city borders in the south of France in a country house complete with stone walls, an outhouse, and a fruit farm with chickens in the backyard. I’d like to bake bread outdoors and search for truffles in the nearby woods. Aix-en-Provence sounds just lovely.  In reality, T will not step foot in the country side if it means living there permanently. Not even for France and all its beauty. Sigh. I guess now the only choice is to get a divorce.

Before I get into too much detail. One of the things that T and I agree on is having a unique mailbox. We love paying attention to details.  We’re both minimalists. He’s more of a modern minimalist and I am a romantic minimalist. Meaning that I like my sparse pieces to have a victorian feel or to be antiques. So in the search for the perfect mailbox, visit, a website for residentian and commercial mailboxes and curbside decor. The company was founded in 2004 and offers high quality, unique products and designs. I like this Blomus Stainless Steel mailbox and this Red Modern mailbox.

The company also offers a rewards point program for future purchases. Returning customers can earn five points per dollar spent.  To learn about the point system click here.

This is a sponsored post brought to you by

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