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The Cheap Girl in Flare Magazine {July 2010}


Ladies and Gents, we made it in Flare Magazine! I am so thrilled and flattered :-)

Thank you to all my readers for your support, the Powers-that-Be, T for always fixing every hiccup and to Alexandra for the feature.


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Multi-Purpose/ 2-in-1 Cosmetics

Double Duty Make up….

double duty make up


- Works as a cream blush

- Mix with a bit of gloss or vaseline to create lip gloss

Eye Shadow

- Eye shadow can be used as an eye liner when applied with a brush. I personally like this because it gives a much more softer effect than eye liner.


- Mix with a bit of vaseline to create lip gloss

- Use on the T area of your chest to enhance cleavage


- Can double as a lipliner

Baby Powder / Translucent Powder

- Get rid off oily roots by applying a bit of powder to your hair


- Mix a bit of foundation with your face cream to create a tinted moisturizer


- Use as lipstick to get the nude look


- Use on eye lashes for definition

- Works as a moisturizer, eye lid gloss, and face highlighter


- Mix with body lotion to add an instant sheen

- Mix with a bit of vaseline and use as eye/lip/face shimmer


- Dip an angle brush in a bit of mascara and use as an eye liner

- An old mascara wand can be used as a lash separator and as an eyebrow brush


- Can also be used as shaving cream

Baby Wipes

- Can be used to refresh face and remove make up

muti-purpose cosmetics make up

{Disclaimer: In case of product sensitivity please double check the ingredients before applying to eyes and lips.}

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Must Have Beauty Tools Video

From The Steven and Chris Show and Sandy Gold of Happiface.com. See the video below.

Must have beauty tools

{image via imagehealthtips.com}

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