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Celebrity Gossip and Hollywood Fashion

I am a huge fan of hollywood fashion. My favourite celebrity fashion  icons are Natalie Portman, Nicole Richie, Kate Moss, Diane Lane, Olivia Palermo, Jennifer Aniston and many, many others. Celebrities wear are the trail blazers for the latest trends that we see on the masses a season or two later. Celebrity fashion’s bff is celebrity gossip. They always go hand in hand. When we read the latest dish on an “it” starlet, we always take note of what she is wearing. Thanks to the paparazzi we in the real world can get instant updates. My favourite fashion moments are the Oscars, the Golden Globes and just about any award show. Too hard to choose so I can’t really choose just one.

I recently started watching the Rachel Zoe Project and I cannot believe the work that goes into dressing a celebrity. The outfit, hair and makeup must be PERFECT.  The viewers feel Rachel’s stress because not only must she find the perfect dress, she needs to wrestle additional dresses from the top designers  just in case her vision is not seen by the celebrity that she is styling. In other words, she needs tons of other options. Her main goal is to make sure that her clients look fabulous. Sounds fun, no? This show is so addictive and the fashion that they show are so beautiful. Rachel really is talented and if I ever become a gazillionaire, I will hire her as my personal stylist.

I am sure that celebrities must “plan” their outfits everyday since they are stalked by the paparazzi and their actions are always posted on top gossip magazines and websites. It’s kind of sad how they can’t leave the house without having to make sure that they look good. Oh well. I guess this is the price of fame. You give up peace and quiet for attention. I’ve seen some of how the paparazzi follow celebrities around on TMZ and it really is disturbing. No wonder a lot of them get really violent. I mean, the cameras are literally following your every step and are in your face. Imagine being hounded like that? People yelling at you, camera flash everywhere and shots being taken non-stop. Scary. I’d be discouraged to leave the house.

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Cool Leather

This woman has mastered endless looks.

I want to raid Kate’s wardrobe…..

kate moss leather pants

{via: The Fashion Spot}

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