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Beautiful Elegant Hairstyles: Easy Chopstick Up-do Video

I’ve seen my friend Del put her hair up with a chopstick and I’ve always wanted to master the technique. She made it look so easy!

This will come in handy when you need to put your hair up and you don’t have any elastics around.  Plus it looks so chic and has this hot teacher sexiness about it. Seriously, add a crisp white shirt and a pair of dark jeans and you’re set!

I found this online video that shows how to create 2 easy and elegant hairstyles with a hair stick.

Yaya has the most gorgeous hair. Jealous!

{See the video below}

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The Best Discount Cards

Store card, discount card, rewards card, loyalty card. Call it whatever you like but it all translates to FREEBIE card (mwahahaha!).  Seriously, if you frequent a store often, find out if they have a rewards card that you can sign up for.  It’s almost like throwing free money away if you don’t sign up for one. With so many cards out there, which ones are the best to sign up for? I say go for the one that will give you the most bang for your buck. Here’s a few that I own and love:


The Aerie Card—The A List: This came came out not too long ago. What you get: A free gift (no purchase necessary) every month (One Thursday a month) and a birthday gift.  Plus special invitations and discounts.  So far they’ve given away a tote and body spray.  I am looking forward to May’s gift!


The Yves Rocher Card- One of the best discount cards ever created! You sign up for mail outs and email updates and you never have to pay regular price EVER again (exception: Plaisir Nature and accessories line). Just make sure to bring your card and mail out when you go in. This company is very generous with gifts. They often have mail outs or store flyers that you can bring in to claim your gift without making a purchase. The rewards card gives you a stamp for every $5 purchase. Once you complete a level you can either use the discount towards one product or towards a spa certificate. This is one card everyone should have!

The Shoppers Optimum Card- The card that everyone has. Shoppers is slowly turning into a one-stop shop so it makes sense to own a card. The program has been around for quite a while and I redeemed my points numerous times. The best time to shop is when they have the bonus points promotion. The discount is as follows:

Shoppers Drug Mart Reward Schedule
Points Required Reward Value up to
3,500 $5
7,000 $10
15,000 $25
30,000 $55
40,000 $75
75,000 $150

Get 20% off at Club Moncaco with your student card: Club Monaco is a bit pricey so the student card discount is a great way to save money. Just show your student ID at the register to get your discount. I’ve used my student card on sale items too for double the savings. I love being a student!

Club Monaco Student Discount

Student and Teacher Discount! Receive a 15% discount at Banana Republic Canada upon presentation of an ID: This discount applies to sale and clearance items as well. This discount will come in handy because Banana Republic is quite pricey!

Banana Republic Canada Student Teacher Discount

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